Richard Barry Nel: Travel Writer

Richard Barry Nel makes a living by traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and documenting those experiences for the world to read. He has traveled to numerous countries across all continents in an attempt to experience all the world has to offer a lone, cultural explorer.

Richard Barry Nel (15)

Richard Barry Nel considers himself a traveler first and foremost and then a writer second. He explains that traveling the world and having to submerse yourself in a strange culture, not knowing the people around you or even the language they speak, can be a very daunting task. Once you do that, you already have an experience, and then the writing does its own work. There is no need to suffer from writer’s block or try to come up with content for the story; you experienced the content already, just put it down on paper and move on to the next adventure, he explains.


Richard Barry Nel, who has more than a substantial amount of experience traveling to different cultures, explains that the more you travel, the more comfortable you get submersed in the uncomfortable.


“There’s only one way to get over the fear of traveling to a foreign country; that’s to do it and keep doing it over and over again,” he says.


After all, it’s the fear and excitement of going to a new country that makes travel writers successful in the first place. Everyone wants to travel; it is that initial step of getting there that keeps people from doing it.


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