Richard Barry Nel Visits Germany

Richard Barry Nel is an experienced traveler and writer who documents his experiences for a rather large readership to enjoy. No detail is left behind as he tours different continents and countries in search for the best of the best an environment has to offer a lone traveler. Touring most of the world from the seat of his motorcycle, he lets himself fall into situations most of us only dream of being in. Though most of his stories are the ramblings of a light-hearted adventurer, many of them contain frightening confrontations any tourists could potentially find themselves in.

Richard Barry Nel (14)Fortunately for him, his trip through Germany was all fun and no trouble. While in the historically rich country, Richard Barry Nel did all the things any would be traveler would have on their list of to-dos. Planning his trip around Oktoberfest, the travel writer never ran out things to do, people to meet, and of course, beer to drink. He also visited Neuschwanstein Castle, the Berlin Wall, and Cologne Cathedral. Richard Barry Nel writes that a tourist could take a month long trip to Germany and be satisfied simply seeing Berlin. The city contains centuries worth of monumental history after surviving two world wars and a split of territory.

Richard Barry Nel lists Germany in the “Must Visit” category of his list of locations, especially if someone finds himself or herself touring Europe. Though you might not be familiar with the area, chances are you won’t be, don’t hire a tour guide. The best way to visit and experience a new place, according to Richard Barry Nel, is to get lost in the culture itself.


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