Richard Barry Nel: Visits the Island of Capri

Richard Barry Nel has a wealth of experience in world travel and documentation. He spends his days visiting foreign cultures and peoples while writing about his experiences. Some of his writings depict adventures full of excitement and danger, while others are light-hearted and informative, providing the reader with more than enough information on country, city, or cultural fact.

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In 2003, Richard Barry Nel was touring the beautiful country of Italy, on his favorite mode of transportation, his motorcycle. However, not every part of Italy can be viewed on land, one must embark by boat to reach its famous islands. One of the most popular islands in Italy and the Mediterranean for that matter is called the Island of Capri. After safely leaving his motorcycle in the city of Sorrento, just on the western coast, Richard Barry Nel hopped on the boat that travels only a few miles to the island. Although it’s small in size, the island offers a lot of amazing sights not many visitors to Italy get to experience, besides the beautiful ocean views of course. There are a number of boat tours and fishing charters that can be experienced, as well as wonderful, classic Italian cuisine.

Richard Barry Nel has traveled to more than a few countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, but he explains that no country has an island as beautiful, quaint, and welcoming than Capri. He writes that if you ever find yourself able to travel to the beautiful country of Italy, the Island of Capri is a must.


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