Richard Barry Nel: Backpacking Tips For The Light Traveler

Richard Barry Nel is a professional traveler who makes a living by documenting his experiences in foreign countries for a large readership. He has been in countries all over the world soaking in the culture and people so that he may better understand humanity around the world, and better convey that understanding to his loyal readers. This means most of the time he travels; he must travel light and be able to carry with him all of his belongings.

Richard Barry Nel (11)Richard Barry Nel offers tips for backpack traveling for the lightweight adventurer so the trip might be a little bit more comfortable. First of all, know where you’re going. This may seem like an obvious detail, but it’s extremely important. If you’re backpacking around Europe, for example, you can easily obtain a train pass that will take you to most countries in the western part of the continent. There are also specific passes with only certain destinations available that might fit your budget better. Secondly, take less clothing than you initially think you’ll use. After only a few days with an overweight backpack, you’re going to wish you had rethought that extra pair of jeans. Make sure your pack is comfortable. Don’t improvise an oversized pack for backpacking use, get a real backpacking backpack. They might be expensive, but your back will thank you when traveling from city to city.

Richard Barry Nel spent most of his early career backpacking and riding a motorcycle to different destinations more than a few miles a part. His knowledge in the field comes from personal experiences, not all of them great.


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