Richard Barry Nel: Professional Nomad

Richard Barry Nel calls the open road his home, and the unfamiliar his comfort zone. Travel writer, essayist, and journalist, Richard Barry Nel documents his experiences in foreign lands for a sizable readership and fan base. His stories are both exciting and informative offering advice to the would-be traveler. As a professional travel writer, he had to get used to really not having a permanent place to live. Not something he misses now, a home used to be a necessity.

“When I got into the business of travel writing, it was definitely difficult at first,” Richard Barry Nel explains, “but you get used to it and you realize you still have a home, it’s just much bigger.”

View on Eiffel Tower in the day, Paris, France

Richard Barry Nel is a professional nomad, making a living moving around from place to place experiencing life on the road, and enjoying the company he keeps along the way. Despite being technically homeless, he has an upbeat disposition due to the freedom he enjoys traveling where ever and whenever he wants.

“I’ve always wanted to see the world; I just got tired of wanting. I quit my job, sold the stuff I couldn’t take with me and used the money to finance my first couple of writing projects. It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Richard Barry Nel.

Not only has he enjoyed the freedom his life offers, but he wants to offer it to others as well. Richard Barry Nel explains that people use, and think they need to use, way more than they really do. The freedom he has he owes to disconnecting from some of the unnecessary items he held onto in his old life.


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