Richard Barry Nel: Making the Most of Life

Richard Barry Nel is a travel writer and journalist who works for a travel magazine based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. His career has provided him many opportunities to travel the world, furthering his already long list of exotic destinations visited.

His passion for traveling is rooted in his upbringing; he and his two siblings were often toted along by their parents to various different countries. His parents were of the strong belief that traveling was one of the only ways a person could fully grow and realize their full potential. It was through traveling to different locations of the world and experiencing different cultures that one would achieve an insightful world view, fostering critical thought, creativity, and rational decision making.

Richard Barry Nel (9)By the time Richard Barry Nel had graduated college with a degree in Journalism, he had already been to much of the developed world. He moved to Johannesburg, South Africa when he turned 25, seeking to explore a country that he had yet to visit. When he got there he realized that he might be calling this place home sooner rather than later.

His passion for writing landed him a job with a travel magazine. His passion for travel would ultimately become his career as he was flown around the world to immerse himself in different cultures and write about his experiences for others to enjoy. The subscriber base of the magazine increased ten fold after his joining the magazine. He had developed a following; people loved to read about his stories because they were not only rich in detail and story, but were written from the perspective of a person who knew how to travel.


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