Richard Barry Nel – A Man of the World

Richard Barry Nel has been a world traveler since he was about six years old. What an amazing feat for a six-year-old, right? Richard Barry Nel’s parents were world travelers before he and his two siblings were born, and once they were of the appropriate age, his parents took them to all of their favorite world destinations. Richard Barry Nel seemed to be the only one that shared his parents’ passion for travel, however. His siblings enjoyed it, but never pursued it on their own the way that Richard did.


While his siblings were busy pursuing other interests, Richard Barry Nel was only concerned with finding the next place that he was going to explore. He had a bad case of wanderlust and wanted nothing more than to see the world in its entirety. His brother enjoyed playing rugby and his sister was a graphic designer. They would participate in the family travels, but it was only Richard Barry Nel that truly enjoyed every aspect of what they were doing.


Richard Barry Nel’s parents were of the strong conviction that it was through traveling the world that one might establish a more complete worldview. Seeing how others lived and operated on a daily basis gave insight into one’s own habits and customs. Richard Barry Nel moved to South Africa after graduating college. He landed in Johannesburg and found a job working for a travel magazine. He turned his passion into a career, traveling the world and writing about his experiences.


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