Richard Barry Nel – Taking the World by Storm

Richard Barry Nel has had the dream to travel the world as a career since he was a young boy being toted around from place to place by his parents. His parents were world travelers and were entirely convinced that the only way a person might truly find out who they are is by traveling and getting outside of one’s comfort zone.

Staircase of reason in courtyard  the Palazzo della Ragione in V

Richard Barry Nel had been determined from an early age to make a career out of traveling. He had all of the necessary skills having been raised by parents who were avid travelers. They instilled within Richard Barry Nel the values of traveling and the necessary skills to do so. Being out of your comfort zone isn’t a feeling that many people enjoy, but Richard Barry Nel had become comfortable with being uncomfortable. He enjoyed the jittery feeling of not knowing what will happen next or where he was going to sleep that night. It brought out an entire different person within him.

Richard Barry Nel graduated from college in the United States with a degree in journalism. He left the United States at the age of 25 to live in Johannesburg, South Africa for a while. He applied for a job at a local travel magazine and found himself getting paid to travel the world just a few short months later. His job was to fly to exotic destinations, immerse himself in the culture and setting, and then write about his experiences. His dream had come true.


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