Richard Barry Nel – Living Life His Way

Richard Barry Nel has always had the dream of making a career out of his passion for traveling. Traveling is something that almost every person in the world says they want to do. Traveling isn’t something that most people can just do on a whim; oftentimes it takes many months of planning for a big trip to happen successfully. For Richard Barry Nel this is not the case.Richard Barry Nel (16)

 Richard Barry Nel is the type of guy who has the worldview that only a person who has traveled the world could have. He is incredibly well mannered and his patience is of a discipline level that most will never accomplish in their lifetime. When you have been forced out of your comfort zone time and time again, there are certain aspects of life that seem to change or become something entirely different.

One of the greatest challenges when embarking on an adventure in a foreign land is the language barrier. Finding that most of the general population of the country you are in does not speak English can be a difficult thing for some people to cope with. It makes finding the basic necessities of life, like food, water, and shelter, a difficult task, which creates uncertainty and uneasiness.

But it’s within these moments that one finds themselves, says Richard Barry Nel. Traveling around the world and immersing one’s self in different cultures makes one think critically and resourcefully. It is when you overcome these small problems that seemingly have no correct answer that you discover what defines you.


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