Richard Barry Nel – Traveling Through Life with Ease

Many times when you talk to people and ask them about their interests they like to say that they love to travel. Many people love to travel, sure, but there is a large difference between vacationing and traveling. Taking a trip to the Bahamas where you stay in a resort and sip alcoholic beverages on the beach the whole time isn’t exactly what people like Richard Barry Nel have in mind when they think of traveling.


Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel has been traveling since he was a young boy, taking his first trip when he was just five years old. His parents were avid travelers before they had their three children, and they wanted to instill within them what they had learned over the course of their life: that it was through traveling that one was most likely to discover the most about who they are. It’s a notion that not everyone will understand initially because of the privileges and luxuries that people take for granted every day.

Traveling, for Richard Barry Nel, is about forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and adapting to a new situation every day and every night. Not knowing where you are going to sleep for the night, having to talk to locals who do not speak a word of English, and looking for basic needs like water and food are all concerns that can cripple inexperienced travelers. It is through solving these problems that one gains a new worldview and the ability to think critically.




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