Richard Barry Nel: Living Life to Its Fullest

Richard Barry Nel is currently working for a travel based publication located in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is an extremely talented journalist and writer who enjoys his career telling stories for the people of South Africa. He is one of the top writers for the publication who gets sent out around the world to tell political pieces, cover major world events, or just simply document his own experiences in a new culture. He has written pieces while traveling across Europe through Germany, France, and Greece concerning the political positions of their leadership, as well as their inhabitants. He has also recently written a travel essay concerning his time spent in Utah and in the American Rocky Mountains. Richard Nel has been expertly trained in the art of journalistic style writing, as well as international communication. He graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s degree in journalism and international communication from the prestigious University of Pretoria. His degrees have given him the knowledge and the skills necessary to convey stories to a worldly audience. They have given him the credibility to be trusted with tasks that include tackling war stories from the Middle East.

Richard Barry Nel (15)

Richard Barry Nel truly understands and appreciates the value of travel. When one travels, they are lost in a culture they know nothing about. It is almost a new beginning where one must learn new languages, social queues, and customs. The easiest and only true way to understand a people or culture is to let yourself be submersed in it. Richard Barry Nel understands that the value of travel is something he can only attempt to convey through a story; to truly appreciate the experience, you have to travel on your own. Though he admits that this experience cannot be fully conveyed, he has been able to create a following of fans that continue to read his published works.



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