Richard Barry Nel – Recounting Foreign Experiences

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel is a highly dedicated and devoted journalist. He is currently one of the top writers for a travel publication based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. The publication sends him around the world in search of exciting and challenging stories that exist around other cultures and people. He has worked on pieces within the war torn countries of the Middle East and winter sporting events in the United States of America. He thoroughly enjoys his career as a journalist and travel essayist because it not only allows him to follow his passion for writing, but it allows him to pursue his dreams of traveling the globe. Ever since he was a young child, his parents emphasized the importance of travel and how it helps to develop an understanding of different cultures and people. Traveling is all about the experience one has with a new culture; the experience one has outside the realm of his or her comfort zone. The experience of travel is what Richard Nel hopes to convey in every one of his stories, whether it be serious news or just a fun travel piece. Due to his upbringing, he has traveled to much of the developed world.

Richard Barry Nel truly understands and appreciates the value of travel. When one travels, they are lost in a culture they know nothing about. It is almost a new beginning where one must learn new languages, social queues, and customs. The easiest and only true way to understand a people or culture is to let yourself be submersed in it. Richard Barry Nel understands that the value of travel is something he can only attempt to convey through a story; to truly appreciate the experience, you have to travel on your own. Though he admits that this experience cannot be fully conveyed, he has been able to create a following of fans that continue to read his published works.



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