Richard Barry Nel – The Dream Career

Richard Barry Nel has always been known to be on the move. From a young age, travel was instilled in him by his parents as they took every opportunity they could to experience a foreign culture. Through his parents, he was able to learn and understand the importance of travel, how it can help you truly understand a people you couldn’t possibly comprehend just from reading a text book. It was this idea that motivated him to become a journalist and travel writer. He now attempts to instill the value and experience of travel into every one of his articles so that people may better understand a culture. Currently, Richard Nel’s permanent residence is located in Johannesburg, South Africa where he moved when he was 25. Before moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and international communication from the prestigious institution, the University of Pretoria. Following his Bachelor of Arts degree, he received his Master’s degree also in journalism and international communication from the same institution. With his newly found knowledge and skill set, he moved to Johannesburg in search of an exciting career. He was hired as a travel writer for a travel based publication within the city.

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel enjoys writing for a major audience. Although he works and writes for a magazine based in Johannesburg, South Africa, his audience is worldly due to his exploits and adventures in other parts of the world. He has traveled to Greece, Germany, Russia, the United States of America, and many other places. Since being hired at the magazine, Richard Barry Nel has single handedly grown their subscriber base by a substantial amount. He has created a following of fans who can almost feel his experiences simply be reading his accounts. Whether he is reporting on war in the Middle East or sporting events in Europe, his readers feel as if they are a part of the story being told.



Richard Barry Nel – Traveling Through Life with Ease

Many times when you talk to people and ask them about their interests they like to say that they love to travel. Many people love to travel, sure, but there is a large difference between vacationing and traveling. Taking a trip to the Bahamas where you stay in a resort and sip alcoholic beverages on the beach the whole time isn’t exactly what people like Richard Barry Nel have in mind when they think of traveling.


Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel

Richard Barry Nel has been traveling since he was a young boy, taking his first trip when he was just five years old. His parents were avid travelers before they had their three children, and they wanted to instill within them what they had learned over the course of their life: that it was through traveling that one was most likely to discover the most about who they are. It’s a notion that not everyone will understand initially because of the privileges and luxuries that people take for granted every day.

Traveling, for Richard Barry Nel, is about forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and adapting to a new situation every day and every night. Not knowing where you are going to sleep for the night, having to talk to locals who do not speak a word of English, and looking for basic needs like water and food are all concerns that can cripple inexperienced travelers. It is through solving these problems that one gains a new worldview and the ability to think critically.



Richard Barry Nel – Living Life His Way

Richard Barry Nel has always had the dream of making a career out of his passion for traveling. Traveling is something that almost every person in the world says they want to do. Traveling isn’t something that most people can just do on a whim; oftentimes it takes many months of planning for a big trip to happen successfully. For Richard Barry Nel this is not the case.Richard Barry Nel (16)

 Richard Barry Nel is the type of guy who has the worldview that only a person who has traveled the world could have. He is incredibly well mannered and his patience is of a discipline level that most will never accomplish in their lifetime. When you have been forced out of your comfort zone time and time again, there are certain aspects of life that seem to change or become something entirely different.

One of the greatest challenges when embarking on an adventure in a foreign land is the language barrier. Finding that most of the general population of the country you are in does not speak English can be a difficult thing for some people to cope with. It makes finding the basic necessities of life, like food, water, and shelter, a difficult task, which creates uncertainty and uneasiness.

But it’s within these moments that one finds themselves, says Richard Barry Nel. Traveling around the world and immersing one’s self in different cultures makes one think critically and resourcefully. It is when you overcome these small problems that seemingly have no correct answer that you discover what defines you.

Richard Barry Nel – A Man of the World

Richard Barry Nel has been a world traveler since he was about six years old. What an amazing feat for a six-year-old, right? Richard Barry Nel’s parents were world travelers before he and his two siblings were born, and once they were of the appropriate age, his parents took them to all of their favorite world destinations. Richard Barry Nel seemed to be the only one that shared his parents’ passion for travel, however. His siblings enjoyed it, but never pursued it on their own the way that Richard did.


While his siblings were busy pursuing other interests, Richard Barry Nel was only concerned with finding the next place that he was going to explore. He had a bad case of wanderlust and wanted nothing more than to see the world in its entirety. His brother enjoyed playing rugby and his sister was a graphic designer. They would participate in the family travels, but it was only Richard Barry Nel that truly enjoyed every aspect of what they were doing.


Richard Barry Nel’s parents were of the strong conviction that it was through traveling the world that one might establish a more complete worldview. Seeing how others lived and operated on a daily basis gave insight into one’s own habits and customs. Richard Barry Nel moved to South Africa after graduating college. He landed in Johannesburg and found a job working for a travel magazine. He turned his passion into a career, traveling the world and writing about his experiences.