Richard Barry Nel – A Man of the World

Richard Barry Nel has been a world traveler since he was about six years old. What an amazing feat for a six-year-old, right? Richard Barry Nel’s parents were world travelers before he and his two siblings were born, and once they were of the appropriate age, his parents took them to all of their favorite world destinations. Richard Barry Nel seemed to be the only one that shared his parents’ passion for travel, however. His siblings enjoyed it, but never pursued it on their own the way that Richard did.


While his siblings were busy pursuing other interests, Richard Barry Nel was only concerned with finding the next place that he was going to explore. He had a bad case of wanderlust and wanted nothing more than to see the world in its entirety. His brother enjoyed playing rugby and his sister was a graphic designer. They would participate in the family travels, but it was only Richard Barry Nel that truly enjoyed every aspect of what they were doing.


Richard Barry Nel’s parents were of the strong conviction that it was through traveling the world that one might establish a more complete worldview. Seeing how others lived and operated on a daily basis gave insight into one’s own habits and customs. Richard Barry Nel moved to South Africa after graduating college. He landed in Johannesburg and found a job working for a travel magazine. He turned his passion into a career, traveling the world and writing about his experiences.


Richard Barry Nel: Making the Most of Life

Richard Barry Nel is a travel writer and journalist who works for a travel magazine based out of Johannesburg, South Africa. His career has provided him many opportunities to travel the world, furthering his already long list of exotic destinations visited.

His passion for traveling is rooted in his upbringing; he and his two siblings were often toted along by their parents to various different countries. His parents were of the strong belief that traveling was one of the only ways a person could fully grow and realize their full potential. It was through traveling to different locations of the world and experiencing different cultures that one would achieve an insightful world view, fostering critical thought, creativity, and rational decision making.

Richard Barry Nel (9)By the time Richard Barry Nel had graduated college with a degree in Journalism, he had already been to much of the developed world. He moved to Johannesburg, South Africa when he turned 25, seeking to explore a country that he had yet to visit. When he got there he realized that he might be calling this place home sooner rather than later.

His passion for writing landed him a job with a travel magazine. His passion for travel would ultimately become his career as he was flown around the world to immerse himself in different cultures and write about his experiences for others to enjoy. The subscriber base of the magazine increased ten fold after his joining the magazine. He had developed a following; people loved to read about his stories because they were not only rich in detail and story, but were written from the perspective of a person who knew how to travel.

Richard Barry Nel: Professional Nomad

Richard Barry Nel calls the open road his home, and the unfamiliar his comfort zone. Travel writer, essayist, and journalist, Richard Barry Nel documents his experiences in foreign lands for a sizable readership and fan base. His stories are both exciting and informative offering advice to the would-be traveler. As a professional travel writer, he had to get used to really not having a permanent place to live. Not something he misses now, a home used to be a necessity.

“When I got into the business of travel writing, it was definitely difficult at first,” Richard Barry Nel explains, “but you get used to it and you realize you still have a home, it’s just much bigger.”

View on Eiffel Tower in the day, Paris, France

Richard Barry Nel is a professional nomad, making a living moving around from place to place experiencing life on the road, and enjoying the company he keeps along the way. Despite being technically homeless, he has an upbeat disposition due to the freedom he enjoys traveling where ever and whenever he wants.

“I’ve always wanted to see the world; I just got tired of wanting. I quit my job, sold the stuff I couldn’t take with me and used the money to finance my first couple of writing projects. It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Richard Barry Nel.

Not only has he enjoyed the freedom his life offers, but he wants to offer it to others as well. Richard Barry Nel explains that people use, and think they need to use, way more than they really do. The freedom he has he owes to disconnecting from some of the unnecessary items he held onto in his old life.

Richard Barry Nel: Backpacking Tips For The Light Traveler

Richard Barry Nel is a professional traveler who makes a living by documenting his experiences in foreign countries for a large readership. He has been in countries all over the world soaking in the culture and people so that he may better understand humanity around the world, and better convey that understanding to his loyal readers. This means most of the time he travels; he must travel light and be able to carry with him all of his belongings.

Richard Barry Nel (11)Richard Barry Nel offers tips for backpack traveling for the lightweight adventurer so the trip might be a little bit more comfortable. First of all, know where you’re going. This may seem like an obvious detail, but it’s extremely important. If you’re backpacking around Europe, for example, you can easily obtain a train pass that will take you to most countries in the western part of the continent. There are also specific passes with only certain destinations available that might fit your budget better. Secondly, take less clothing than you initially think you’ll use. After only a few days with an overweight backpack, you’re going to wish you had rethought that extra pair of jeans. Make sure your pack is comfortable. Don’t improvise an oversized pack for backpacking use, get a real backpacking backpack. They might be expensive, but your back will thank you when traveling from city to city.

Richard Barry Nel spent most of his early career backpacking and riding a motorcycle to different destinations more than a few miles a part. His knowledge in the field comes from personal experiences, not all of them great.

Richard Barry Nel: Visits the Island of Capri

Richard Barry Nel has a wealth of experience in world travel and documentation. He spends his days visiting foreign cultures and peoples while writing about his experiences. Some of his writings depict adventures full of excitement and danger, while others are light-hearted and informative, providing the reader with more than enough information on country, city, or cultural fact.

The famous temples of Khajuraho are a large group of medieval hi

In 2003, Richard Barry Nel was touring the beautiful country of Italy, on his favorite mode of transportation, his motorcycle. However, not every part of Italy can be viewed on land, one must embark by boat to reach its famous islands. One of the most popular islands in Italy and the Mediterranean for that matter is called the Island of Capri. After safely leaving his motorcycle in the city of Sorrento, just on the western coast, Richard Barry Nel hopped on the boat that travels only a few miles to the island. Although it’s small in size, the island offers a lot of amazing sights not many visitors to Italy get to experience, besides the beautiful ocean views of course. There are a number of boat tours and fishing charters that can be experienced, as well as wonderful, classic Italian cuisine.

Richard Barry Nel has traveled to more than a few countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, but he explains that no country has an island as beautiful, quaint, and welcoming than Capri. He writes that if you ever find yourself able to travel to the beautiful country of Italy, the Island of Capri is a must.

Richard Barry Nel: Tips For Dangerous Destinations

Richard Barry Nel is a highly experienced world traveler and writer. He earns a living by traveling to foreign countries learning about what makes cultures and people different, and what makes them the same. Although most of his trips are about the light-hearted adventures of a professional tourist, sometimes his adventures can take him into hostile territories resulting in unintended consequences. Here are a few tips that can help you if you ever find yourself traveling in a dangerous area.

Croatian seascapeRichard Barry Nel says first and foremost, never panic. If you can’t keep your cool, you’re going to make things worse by not thinking before you begin to take action. Most problematic confrontations solve themselves in a calm and explanatory manner. Do the best you can, in any situation, to be polite. This isn’t your home; you are a visitor in somebody else’s culture; tourists have a bad reputation in the first place, don’t make it worse. Another important thing to remember before you even get to your destination is to do your homework. Don’t go to a place you haven’t researched ahead of time, and if you think you might end up in surrounding territories, do your research on those as well. After all, you never know where you might end up.

Richard Barry Nel is an expert when it comes to world travel. Most of the things he’s learned during his trips have come from personal experience, so rest assured, his tips will help you in any foreign situation that you find yourself in.

Richard Barry Nel Visits Germany

Richard Barry Nel is an experienced traveler and writer who documents his experiences for a rather large readership to enjoy. No detail is left behind as he tours different continents and countries in search for the best of the best an environment has to offer a lone traveler. Touring most of the world from the seat of his motorcycle, he lets himself fall into situations most of us only dream of being in. Though most of his stories are the ramblings of a light-hearted adventurer, many of them contain frightening confrontations any tourists could potentially find themselves in.

Richard Barry Nel (14)Fortunately for him, his trip through Germany was all fun and no trouble. While in the historically rich country, Richard Barry Nel did all the things any would be traveler would have on their list of to-dos. Planning his trip around Oktoberfest, the travel writer never ran out things to do, people to meet, and of course, beer to drink. He also visited Neuschwanstein Castle, the Berlin Wall, and Cologne Cathedral. Richard Barry Nel writes that a tourist could take a month long trip to Germany and be satisfied simply seeing Berlin. The city contains centuries worth of monumental history after surviving two world wars and a split of territory.

Richard Barry Nel lists Germany in the “Must Visit” category of his list of locations, especially if someone finds himself or herself touring Europe. Though you might not be familiar with the area, chances are you won’t be, don’t hire a tour guide. The best way to visit and experience a new place, according to Richard Barry Nel, is to get lost in the culture itself.